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Jackie Carney
Co-Founder & COO
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Jackie Carney is a senior level executive with experience in entrepreneurship, general management, operations, marketing, publicity, entertainment and event planning.


While working as a manager for Book for Young Readers at Bantam Double Day Dell (now Random House), Jackie was head of the volunteers for Mayor David Dinkens’ Youth Program that invited corporations to visit disadvantaged public schools in NYC and help with their beginning reading programs. During her years at Bertelsmann Music Group (now Sony), Jackie was in the leadership group to help disadvantaged youths who wanted careers the entertainment industry. She helped procure their demo tapes, resumes and with media communications. The winners were awarded beginner contract and a $5,000 stipend to begin their careers as singers, producers, publishers or songwriters in their respective genres.


More recently, President Obama challenged the tech industry to become more inclusive by hiring more people of color in tech as well as invite them to have a seat at the table in their boardrooms. I was on the leadership team from Heads Apart Group collaborating with the National Venture Capital Association “NVCA” to create a diversity and inclusion program in order to address underserved communities in technology. The fask force created the beginnings of a diversity and inclusion vertical at Heads Apart, highlighting women and minorities. Said Jackie, “There is still much work to be done in this regard and I am proud to have been there at the beginning. Heads Apart Group now has a Diversity Equity and Inclusion vertical which highlight women and minorities candidates for positions in the tech industry.”


Jackie is currently Co-Founder at Head Apart Group and Founder of several startup companies (My Celeb Kids, Brown Skin Girls, Brown Skin Kids) geared towards improving the lives women and children in underserved communities through education and the arts globally. Jackie and her family reside in Stamford, CT since moving from the Upper West Side, NYC in 1997. Her passions are my family, music, performing arts, and empowering women and children especially those who are black, brown and bi-racial through education and performing arts.


Gary Bembridge has successfully completed searches for C-Suite and other executive-level positions in Sales, Marketing, Product, Operations, and Human Resources across AdTech, MarTech, HealthTech, Digital, eCommerce, and Advanced Technology including AI, Big Data & Analytics, and Cybersecurity. Gary is also experienced in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion where he is a trusted senior executive search partner and frequent speaker on workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in technology companies. Recent speaking engagements: Keynote Speaker: “How To Build a Diversified Workforce” – SXM Media. Panelist: "How to Address Lack of Representation by BIPOC in MarTech and AdTech” - Zeta Global. Keynote Speaker: “How To Solve Unconscious Bias in Venture Capital & Technology” - National Venture Capital Association (NVCA).


In 2012, Gary founded Heads Apart which quickly grew to become a leading Black-Owned and operated Technology and DEI executive search firm that has supported key executive hires for three client exits. Prior to founding Heads Apart, Gary spent 20 years as a top digital media executive sales leader, including 10 years at Microsoft Advertising where he was a member of the Microsoft Advertising Executive Leadership Team while building elite performing national revenue organizations. Gary also led sales efforts as Chief Revenue Officer, EVP Sales, and go-to-market sparring partner for several international startups, with emphasis on North American market entry strategy and initial executive recruitment.


Gary is also Chairman of the Board and Founder of JamaicaNation, a non-profit organization that helps smart underserved youth succeed in tech and fight hunger in Jamaica’s poorest rural communities. Gary is a Jamaican born New Yorker who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations from the City University of New York (CUNY).


Gary Bembridge
Founder & CEO
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