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Hiring The Right CRO When You Cannot Afford To Miss

Gary Bembridge, Founder & Managing Partner, Heads Apart Group

Many of my industry colleagues are CRO candidates and I have thousands of contacts from over 17 years in the digital media and online advertising industry. From personal experience, the career track to the role of Chief Revenue Officer culminates after an exhaustive and rewarded career of managing revenue, sales teams, districts, regions and national markets and the P & L infrastructure. The expectations of a CRO are a finely tuned memorization of where the addressable revenues are across the national landscape, a native recitation of agency relationships, quick client wins and brand planning cycles. Fall short in scrubbing any of these areas during the interview process and you will likely hire a resume, or more pointed — a good looking widget.


We recruit from VP – C-Level in digital media across all functions of the executive suite.

Contact Information:

Clients: gary@headsapart.com

Candidates: resumes@headsapart.com