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The career track to the role of Chief Revenue Officer culminates after an exhaustive and rewarded career of managing revenue, sales teams, districts, regions and national markets and owning the P & L. The expectations of a CRO are a finely tuned memorization of where the addressable revenues are across the national landscape, and, derived from career success, a by rote recitation of agency relationships, client wins and brand planning cycles. Fall short in scrubbing any of these areas during the interview process and you will likely hire a resume, or more pointed — a good looking widget.

Here are (2) reasons you should choose Heads Apart to hire your next Chief Revenue Officer:

  • Industry Insiders: We are CONNECTED: Heads Apart Group is founded by digital media industry insiders with over 18 years experience. We have thousands of industry contacts and personally know many of the senior level candidates we recruit.
  • Our Founder: Former CRO: Gary Bembridge’s teams have closed in excess of $700MM in online advertising revenue over his career, many being complex multi-million dollar deals. Over a 10 year career, Gary was one of the top revenue performers in MSN history and a member of the MSN Leadership Team. During roles as Head of Sales for high performing sales teams, Gary Bembridge attended hundreds of client meetings, agency meetings, and industry events.  He has partnered with SSPs, DSPs, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks, & Premium Publishers and emerging SaaS platforms.

Many recruiting firms are well connected. No argument there. But most are not well connected in the intricacies of the online advertising and digital media industry. Most have never led large national sales team and closed complex multi-channel million dollar deals. Hire the best with Heads Apart.

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