Rule #. Don’t Hire a Widget

GM logoIt’s 3pm.  Tuesday.

The three o’clock meeting at Starcom in Detroit. The GM business. Your sales rep is there to present your suite of product offerings and explain how it will allow the Automotive client to seduce auto intenders across the purchase funnel. Your product can do it better, faster, leaner, and calibrate to a highly indexed or segmented or engaged consumer.

This was the big auto meeting you have been waiting for and it took the Automotive Category Sales Director a full quarter to land.  Big meeting and everyone in the company knew about it. The CEO and CRO donned sports coats and attended along with the SVP of Sales and the Automotive Category Specialist. You had all collaborated on the pitch — white boarded it even — and were certain GM would unload budget by the time you took Delta back to headquarters – a two-drink flight celebrating the big win.

The Automotive Category expert would lead the pitch with everybody chiming in.

Problem is, when you arrived in the waiting room at Starcom there were 24 other sales reps crammed in the lobby waiting for their chance to pitch.  Odds are they too had spent white board time and you actually saw a few competitors that you were not aware of.  The Starcom planners seemed to be efficient and harried; only coming to life if you delighted them with something they had not seen before.

Gut check time for your team — how do you stand and deliver and solve the business needs at Starcom Buick?  Can you truly tell why your services are unique and different?  Can you be extemporaneous and adjust your pitch based on how you are reading the situation?  You can do this, because you have come prepared right?

This moment calls for a Situational Leader equipped with the Intellectual Agility to react in a real life situation.  The kind of leader digital media companies need in a crowded and confusing ecosystem. Someone who can stand up to the moment.

Heads Apart will help you recruit a Situational Leader who can take command in a tough selling environment.

Don’t make the mistake and hire a good looking resume; don’t hire another widget.  Leave your senior executive search needs to the Heads Apart team.

Rule #1. Don’t hire a widget.

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